19th Shodhyatra Starts from Kazi Gund Tehsil Doru to Mattan Tehsil Dist : Anantnag, Jammu Kashmir)

Nineteenth Shodhyatra Qazigund to Lazbal (Anantnag, Kashmir)


Shodhyatris came across numerous mechanical innovations that aimed at simplifying the day to day activities in the most unconventional manner….

The 18th Shodhyatra culminated in enthusiasm and responsibilities to take forward the innovation movement in Uttar Pradesh. Every yatra has been a process of new explorations, proficient innovations, and a bundle of creativity.

The 19th Shodhyatra aims to unravel the creativity of the people residing in the bio-diversity rich, less explored and knowledge affluent region on Anantnag District in Kashmir. The route for the yatra would be:

Qazigund To Lazbal (Anantnag, Kashmir): Route Map

Date Place Kms
20.06.07 Qazigund To Manzmoo 7 Kms
  Manzmoo To Check (Night Halt) 9 Kms
21.06.07 Check To Hiller 5 Kms
  Hiller To Doru (Lunch) 4 Kms
  Doru To Sadiwara 3 Kms
  Sadiwara To Verinag (Night Halt) 5 Kms
22.06.07 Verinag To Nowgam 4 Kms
  Nowgam To Batagund (Lunch) 6 Kms
  Batagund To Bragam 7 Kms
  Bragam To Kriree (Night Halt) 4 Kms
23.06.07 Kriree To Lisser Via Wuy (Lunch) 5 Kms
  Lisser To Kokernag (Night Halt) 10 Kms
24.06.07 Kokernag To Hiller (Lunch) 10 Kms
  Hiller To Akingam 4 Kms
  Akingam To Achabal (Night Halt) 5 Kms
25.06.07 Achabal To Shangas 7 Kms
  Shangas To Utrusoo (Lunch) 7 Kms
  Utrusoo To Chittergull (Night Halt) 12 Kms
26.06.07 Chittergul To Deethu-Reenidora 5 Kms
  Reenidora To Kehribal 5 Kms
  Kehribal To Mattan (Night Halt) 5 Kms
27.06.07  Mattan To Govt. Deegree College (Boys And Girls) Anantnag 3 Kms

 The Shodhyatra is being organized with the help of local community members, schools and Honey Bee network collaborators in the region. We will travel on foot in search for innovations and creativity and live in community halls, school premises, and local amenities made available on good will by the community.

Come walk with us!

For more information you can either mail to info@sristi.org ,shodhyatra@sristi.org or contact the SRISTI office at 91-79-2791-2792 / 3293


Our local collaborators at Kreri can be contacted at:

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed - 0-9858354486 (M)
Mr. M Hussain Dar – 0- 9419995172 (M)
Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Shah - 0- 9906440258 (M)
Mr. Hilal Ahmed Shah – 00-193- 2213358 (R)
Mr. Ahjad Ahmed – 0-193 – 2213728 (R)

(Please add 91 before all numbers if you are dialing from outside India)
Shodhyatris Guide
You are eligible for the Shodhyatra if…

1. You have documented at least 50 Traditional Knowledge based practices or Innovations from the grassroots in your region!
2. You have extended the Honey Bee, Sujh Bujh or/and Loksarvani membership to at least 50 new individuals/institutions in your region
3. You are a scientist / student / professional and helped us in assessment / value addition/ detailed documentation of any innovation or practice
4. You are a professional from the media sector (print/electronic) and have helped us spread the word about at least 5-10 innovators /knowledge holders. 

On the journey, you should…

1. Carry enough clothing to protect yourself from cold and rain.
2. Carry a bed spread and a warm quilt/blanket for yourself
3. Walk light! As you will be carrying your own bags.
4. Carry your daily toiletries, change of clothes, one torch, diary, pen and any specific medication that you would need on the journey (also notify the organizers about your ailment; we carry two medical kits for any uncertainties that may arise).
5. Carry one set of utensils (Plate, bowl, spoon, glass)
6. Be able to walk 15-20 Kms in a day!
7. Carry your food supplies for the train journey that you might take to reach the venue
8. Book your tickets to and fro from the Shodhyatra route to your place of stay/residence
9. Bring a lot of new ideas, creative spirit and inquisitive!!!

All shodhyatris would be expected to make a contribution of Rs.150/- per day towards their lodging and food arrangements. The endeavour is run completely on a voluntary spirit and does not entail any fund-raising by any entity.